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Becoming an FMC Accredited Operator will ensure your customers are protected with the very best in pest and termite management.
By attaining FMC HomeGuard Accreditation you will not only be improving your credentials as a pest operator, you will also be improving the relationship with your customers by offering the proven protection of HomeGuard.

FMC continues to be committed to improving the way pest control products interact with living and built environments. We use advanced chemistry to improve and safeguard the quality of our products.

How To Apply For Accreditation

Applying for accreditation is easy. Simply fill in the form below with your details and click ‘Submit’.

Your local FMC Business Development Manager (BDM) will then be in touch to discuss your requirements for accreditation and advise you on course suitability and training date availability.

You will be asked for the Pest Control License numbers for each Operator/Technician/Installer if accepted for FMC Accreditation. Each Technician will need to bring their current license with them to training.

Your company is liable for breeches caused by incorrect application or installation.

This is the name that will appear on the Warranty Certificates should you be accepted.

The state in which you are based will allocate your FMC Business Development Manager (BDM) that will guide you through Accreditation.

You can tick both boxes. FMC may hold the mandatory training sessions at different times.
REMINDER: An FMC Warranty is a product warranty only and does not cover the installation of the product.

A Technician’s FMC Accreditation is not transferable between Pest Control Companies.

HomeGuard TMS must only be installed by an FMC Accredited Technician.

Tick ‘No’ if you were an FMC Warranty Accredited Installer, not the company owner/operator.