Industrial strength insecticidal powder.

Dragnet® Dust is a 2% permethrin, broad-spectrum insecticide dust especially formulated to reach into limited access areas. Containing twice the active ingredient loading of normal dust formulations Dragnet® Dust has an improved super fine formulation giving excellent coverage and spread.


A ready to use sand based granule specifically designed for the professional pest management industry.

For external and internal control of a range of urban pests and for the protection of structures from subterranean termite damage.

A water based solution for professional use in external and internal situations around buildings and other domestic and commercial situations.

A water based insecticide for the control of ants around domestic and commercial structures.

Fury 120 SC General Household Insecticide Knock’em Down! Keep ’em Down!

Industrial strength insecticidal powder.

A cost effective physical termite barrier.